3 NJ Marlins Players Selected in 2014 MLB Draft.....RHP Jay Muhammad - 11th Round Seattle Mariners...OF Luke Bonfield - 21st Round NY Mets...RHP Connor Kaden - 27th Round SF Giants...Congratulations Brandon Coluccio For Signing With The Baltimore Orioles...2014 Verbal Commitment's...Ben Gross (Princeton) Andrew DiPiazza (Alabama) Henry Jacobs (St Peters) Hunter Dolshun (UMBC) Mike Milo (Albany) Matt Tirado (St Peters) Dylan Connors - (Army 2016 Graduate) Nick Ciocco (St Peters) Mike Fair (College of Charleston) Anthony Ferlise (Catholic U)!

College Prep

Getting Ready for College Baseball- The NJ Marlins Prepare You for the Challenge

So you are taking in the excitement of freshman year at high school. Your baseball career thus far has most likely been composed of good training with qualified coaches and regular practice schedules, preparing for college baseball now is a whole new ballgame; no pun intended!

The pressure of academics combined with having to step up to the requirements of the top up and coming college showcase teams can be hard on you, no matter how committed and skilled you are as a player. You need the right coaching, experienced advice and the best opportunities to get in front of college baseball scouts.

Why Choose NJ Marlins for College Baseball Training?

Because we have a proven track record of success! Here are some of the big names you will recognize of college baseball players that trained with the NJ Marlins:

  • Jarad Graziano – UMBC
  • Connor Kaden – Wake Forrest
  • Jonathan Grey – University of Oklahoma – Drafted by NY Yankees and KC Royals 10th Round
  • Chris Selden – Seton Hall
  • El’Hajj Muhammad – Cincinnati Reds Drafted 2011

Our training program offers just the right balance between learning from expert coaches and competing with other teams. We promote a winning attitude and guide you towards the top, but we also help you accept that sometimes you lose…and you come back on the field stronger, more focused and ready to take on the next big game.

Life is full of choices but making the right one is important. Many of our players share with us the dilemma of multiple offers from various colleges. We train our players for college baseball but we recognize that choosing which college or school to go to depends on many factors—academics, physical location, student population demographics and psychographics, comfort level of individual students in a particular environment, and so on. We will never advise you to choose one college over another based entirely on the college baseball team’s potential and performance record.     

Our coaches and instructors will work closely with you to prepare you physically and mentally for the toughest challenges on and off the field. College is the stepping stone to enter the real adult world and so we want the baseball field to become your coaching ground for many of life’s important lessons.

Got questions about the NJ Marlins College Development Program? Contact the NJ Marlins Today!

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