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Terms & Conditions of Partcipation

Payment Policy

NJ Marlins encourages all new applicants, NJ Marlins members and/or winter workout participants to pay via credit card in a secured fashion through our site or mail your payment to NJ Marlins PO Box 6994, Freehold, NJ 07728.


You agree to the payment terms and conditions as expressed on the registration page.  It is further understood that from time to time, we may modify or nullify existing plans or introduce new options – these changes will not have any impact on the plan in force at the time of your registration. Unless negotiated prior, all monies are to be paid inFULLNo later than the dates provided by the NJ Marlins.


You agree to the payment terms and conditions as expressed on the registration page.  It is further understood that from time to time, we may modify or nullify existing plans or introduce new options – these changes will not have any impact on the plan in force at the time of your registration. Unless negotiated prior, all monies are to be paid inFULLlater than the dates provided by the NJ Marlins.

Failure to make payment by the stated timeframes (based on an email The Company send s to you) will void your membership immediately and will only commence again with a 10% reinstatement fee.


You agree to the following payment terms and conditions:

1. Payment in full (hereinafter referred to as the “preliminary fee”) for participation in Winter Workouts/Team/Showcase Events is due upon registering for the event, team, winter workout, etc.

2. Participation in said event is secured only upon funds being deposited into our account

  • a. Typically by end of business day when using credit card
  • b. Subject to the terms and conditions for check holds as established by our financial institution


It is understood that a prospective player’s acceptance to NJ Marlins program is not automatic. A registration application is annexed or will be supplied in hard copy form upon request.  The registration application together with the required payment (“the participation fee”) must be submitted no later than the date set forth in the application. Each application for membership is reviewed by NJ Marlins and, in its sole discretion; a determination will be made as to whether to accept the player. This decision is final and the prospective player and parents of the prospective player waive any and all rights whatsoever against NJ Marlins for said decision.  If the player is not accepted, NJ Marlins will return the participation fee.  Once a player is accepted, no refund or credit will be afforded should the player subsequently leave the program, unless the player is forced to discontinue because of an injury sustained in the course of the program.   Any credit or refund adjustment made for such injury will be governed by the Injury Refund/Credit Policy set forth below.

NJ Marlins Refund/Credit Policy

The NJ Marlins incurs large expenses for our teams, including organizational expense for each season.  Due to these expenses, if a player leaves the team prior to or during the season for reasons unrelated to an injury sustained while participating in the program,, we will not issue a refund or provide credit of any kind.  (Our Injury Refund policy is set forth below.)  Initial team/winter workout/March Madness deposits (the “preliminary fee”) are a separate fee and non-refundable regardless of circumstances, including whether the player determines not to participate further in the program or withdraws  prior to the start of the season. No exceptions.

This refund/credit policy applies in all instances, including circumstances involving the termination of a player for disciplinary reasons.

Injury Refund/Credit

In the event a player is unable to perform due to an injury sustained while participating in the NJ Marlins program, as demonstrated to the satisfaction of the NJ Marlins in its sole discretion, an adjustment of up to 75% of the season participation fee (but not the preliminary fee) will be provided.  The adjustment will be in the form of credit against the participation fee for the next season unless such future participation is not feasible because of the nature of the injury or the age of the player.  If, and only if, a player is too injured or too old to participate in the next season, NJ Marlins will make the adjustment in the form of a cash refund  


Entitlement to an adjustment for injury and the amount of that adjustment will be determined by the NJ Marlins, in its sole discretion, at the conclusion of the season.   In making this determination, the NJ Marlins will use its best efforts to provide an equitable adjustment (not to exceed 75% of the participation fee) taking into account the amount of the season which the player has missed.  Cash refunds or notification of the amount of credit provided, as the case may be, will be forwarded within 30 days of the conclusion of the season.  Credit must be used for the next season or will be forfeited.


In all cases, any injury adjustment request MUST be made in writing. The request must be based on a valid reason and should be emailed to info@njmarlins.com with the words: Injury Adjustment Requested in the subject line   This must be done within 1 week (7 Days) of the documented injury or the claim is waived.

NJ Marlins in its sole discretion may ask for additional supporting medical documentation before issuing a credit or refund based on injury.

Each player/parent must return the signed Terms & Conditions/Refund Policy & Medical forms prior to playing there first practice or game.  IfALLpaperwork is not returned, the player will not be able to participate with the team until they are returned.  The NJ Marlins do not issue refunds or credits except as expressly set forth herein.

For NJ Marlins Team’s/Winter Workouts/Showcase/Events via CREDIT CARD  or CHECK
The following policies are in place after payment of fee is received:
1. Your inclusion in the event/team/winter workout is only guaranteed once payment & paperwork is received.
2. All injury credits must be used within 9 months of date credit was given, or the credit will be forfeited.
3. No credits will be granted due to a cancellation, change in venue or itinerary due to an Act of God, Weather, Field playability, Legal prohibition, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


On behalf of each player and the parents of each player (“the Indemnitors”), it is agreed that the NJ Marlins, its employees, affiliates, coaches, other staff members both salaried and on a per diem or project basis, and agents (“Indemnities”) shall be and hereby are indemnified by the indemnitors against all claims, expenses, liabilities, losses, costs, and damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that the Indemnities may incur in connection with the  involvement of the Indemnitors, or any of the iIndemnitors, with the NJ Marlins.  Except as may be prohibited by law, all  participants in the programs operated by the NJ Marlins assume the risk of such injury as may occur during the course of such participation.

Read all NJ Marlins Terms & Conditions Here

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