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Winter Training Camps

Off Season Baseball Instructional Training

A Winter program focusing on the mechanics of hitting, throwing, pitching and fielding to help improve skills and prepare beginners to seasoned players for the spring season…Click on the NJ Marlins below to see the options for the “All Star” in your family.

2017 Winter Training – Defense & Hitting

  • Includes 2 Training Days Per Week – Sunday’s: Defense & Hitting – Wednesday’s: Hitting Only
  • Wedesday’s Hitting – Dec 7th – March 1st 2017 – 630pm -830pm
  • Sunday’s Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Defense – January 1 to March 1st – 12pm – 300pm
  • Training Location: Sportika 323 Fairfield Road Freehold, NJ 07728
  • Costs: $450 Per Player (Fee goes to $550 Dec 5th)

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2017 Winter Training – Catchers Only Sunday’s

  • Includes 1 Training  Day Per Week – Sunday’s: Defense
  • Sunday’s January 1st – February 26th 2017 – 12pm -300pm
  • Training Location: Sportika – 323 Fairfield Road Freehold, NJ 07728
  • Costs: $399 Per Player

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2017 Winter Showcases (Showcase info will be posted by the 1st week in Dec)

Working on fundamental baseball skills and better overall body coordination is the focus during NJ Marlins’ winter workout season.

During the season you have enough opportunity as a player to stay in shape being on the field. It’s the off season that needs more attention. The cold weather takes its toll on your muscles, circulation and overall fitness. Plus, having to stay off the field over the long stretch of winter months makes your body more vulnerable to injury and strain when you get back in the spring season.

The NJ Marlins’  winter workouts will help you maintain speed, strength, agility, and overall form. As a result, when you get back on the field for the next season, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your throwing and batting ability and speed. Your risk of injury is reduced because you have not allowed your body to “cool off” for the winter.

For the newbie baseball player, we have a useful tip. Want to be ready for spring training or tryouts? Don’t wait until the weather is warm and you get on the field to practice! The time to prepare yourself is in the winter months. Our winter workouts are structured to get you in shape so you can be ready for that first practice of the year.

All NJ Marlin’s players, winter applicants and new applicants are welcome.  Training Sessions will be led by NJ Marlin coaches including, Program Director Ed Graziano and guest collegiate instructors.

New NJ Marlin players interested in registering for the winter instructional program should complete the prospective player form online.

What Comprises the Best Winter Instruction for Baseball Players?

When we focus on winter workouts, we’re working to define muscle mass for better power.

  • Hitting – all areas of hitting are covered in our 8-week program taught by professional instructors. This training includes proper grip, tee work, soft toss, live throw, and drills to increase speed. Proper stance, load, stride, swing, balance and other mechanics are included in the program curriculum.
  • Infielding – step-by-step fielding instruction is taught as well as all check points, including footwork and soft hands. Essential drills for the forehand, backhand, and rake technique are used     to reinforce soft hands. Drills to improve setup, first step angles, transition, plant, shuffle, drive step, and power finish will be covered too.
  • Pitching – pitching instructors work with you to reinforce fielding, pressure points on the ball, arm slots and the mechanics of proper pitching. Pitchers have the opportunity to build arm      strength each week by throwing short distance and long tosses. Catchers work with the pitchers as well.
  • Outfielding – instructors work to train outfielders how to track fly balls, throw to the cut-off player, field ground balls, and the proper drop step for balls that are over their heads. We cover some of the best techniques to take on balls headed for the gaps in our training program.
  • Catching – instructors cover framing,  receiving, footwork, blocking, quick release to improve ‘pop’ time, and exchange for throwing.

If you are interested in attending winter workouts, please be aware that enrolment is limited. 


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