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Division 1 Prospect Development.

Marlin’s baseball helped me to develop my skills and to get a real sense of high-level play even before I became a varsity player.  Coach Ed gave constructive feedback to make me a better mentally and directed me to seek a trainer that could prepare me physically.  This insight gave me the knowledge to know what I had to do to develop into a Division I prospect. This took a lot of hard work beyond the hours on the field and a lot of support and encouragement from my family.  The exposure provided multiple opportunities to be followed by top-level college baseball programs.  Go Marlins!

Andrew La Mura…Class of 2016…East Carolina University Pirates

Invaluable Exposure.

As a parent of a former 2009 NJ Marlin ball player, I’d like to say that the exposure that Ed has provided to the team, including my son, has been absolutely invaluable.  The exposure has resulted in a baseball scholarship and several MLB team write-ups.  Ed’s tenacious ability to maintain a positive attitude from the start of the season to the finish of it speaks volumes about his organization – a job truly well done! Pirro Ayala

Opened the Most Doors.

After playing for many travel teams over the years, the NJ Marlins program has opened the most doors for my son Ian.  The coaching and training are first-rate and he had the opportunity to be seen by plenty of college and pro scouts from around the country during Marlin tournament and league games.  Many thanks to Ed Graziano for his dedication to the players and for this opportunity.

Bob Glassman…father ofIan Glassman…Class of 2015…University of Maryland Baltimore County Retrievers

Extremely Worthwhile.  And Fun.

My family and I wanted to provide you with a note to show others if need be that the experience with the Marlins turned out for us to be extremely worthwhile with respect to getting Kyle situated with a college.   Not only that but our family had fun.   I want to thank you for your instruction and guidance from the first time we spoke and throughout the summer.   We feel very blessed that the possibilities we discussed not more than 12 weeks ago have become a reality.   I don’t think, and I’m sure you don’t either, that all folks that join the Marlins will have this type of experience.  I will say however, it is what you make it and the opportunity is there.   We enjoyed traveling with the team, and in the short time that we participated met some great families.   We feel that your handling of all the details associated with Marlins was handled so very professionally and with concern for each and every player while being as fair as you possibly could.   In keeping this brief we really just want to express our appreciation for your efforts to make the Marlins work for folks they way the organization does.  Kyle benefited tremendously from his experience and I would not hesitate to recommend this type of play to another family who is interested in showcasing the player during the early to mid high school years.  – 

Mark Driscoll father of Kyle DriscollClass of 2016… Rutgers University Scarlet Knights

Jared is Eddie G's Protege.  Fiercely Loyal and Dedicated to his Players and Families.

Jared is his father’s protege.  Eddie G instilled in him a love for the game of baseball and an even fiercer love and loyalty to the players of the game.  His players.  I met Jared as Eddie was struggling to fight the cancer that would ultimately consume him and was deeply touched by the bond this family had with each other and with the players and families in their world.  It’s true.  When you’re a Marlin, you’re family.  My son thoroughly enjoyed playing for Jared and his Marlins teammates. I knew, though, that his introduction to the team through a mutual baseball friend was a bit of divine providence so that I could help Jared navigate some of the pieces he needed to carry on the business his father had nurtured for the prior decades. It has been my honor and a privilege to do so.  It's also been a joy to watch Jared grow into the role his father groomed him for.  Countless players now and well into the future will be changed for the better as a result of the very special dedication Jared pours into each of them.  Eddie G wouldn’t have it any other way. - Patti Cucci, Mom of David Cucci D1 JUCO Louisburg College Hurricanes

Opportunity, Memories and Forever Friends.

Ed, You should take some responsibility for the success of the boys.  You gave them the opportunity which is big!   You know what they say about luck… it is where hard work meets opportunity.  You have been a great coach and Chris has the best memories of the Marlins. You definitely made the games fun..for sure! We also had a very nice group of boys and they supported each other all the way! They will be friends forever. Thanks Again – 

Sally Selden mother of Chris SeldenClass of 2014Seton Hall University Pirates

Classy Group of Coaches.

George and I thank you and your staff for all your support throughout the summer season it was blast from the beginning. I wish we would have known of the Marlins a lot sooner, a classy group of coaches that really care about the kids and the game. Georgie really enjoyed playing for you and made some good friends.  My Best to YOU and the MARLINS organization. 

George Pagan Sr father of George Pagan Jr… Class of 2016…Arcadia University Knights

Fair and Honest.

My son played 3 years as a pitcher for Coach Ed Graziano and the NJ Marlins.  Coach Graziano has always been fair and honest with him and gave my son every available opportunity to showcase and continually improve his pitching skills.  My son genuinely enjoyed playing for Coach Graziano and respected him both as a person and baseball coach.  He never felt intimidated by him and was most comfortable being able to talk to Coach Graziano about any topic and not just baseball.  Although my son has decided not to play college baseball to pursue a career in aviation, he had a great and memorable experience playing for Coach Graziano, one that I frequently relate to parents who are inquiring about such baseball teams for their child.  As I tell parents, for as long as I have had the privilege of knowing Coach Graziano, he has always conducted himself with only the best interests of his players in mind.

Jeff France father of Brett France…Class of 2015…Purdue University Boilermakers

Coaches Really Care.

When our son Andrew decided to join the NJ Marlins in the summer of his freshman year, it was one of the best decisions he made. Thanks to the expertise in the recruiting process by Ed Graziano and the whole Marlins staff, he is now committed to attend an excellent college where he can get a quality education and play College ball at a D1 level. Can’t say enough about the coaches who really care about the kids, and are focused on not only making them better ball players but better people. I know my son has friends for life with the coaches and his teammates. The Marlins play at a highly competitive level and have a great time doing it. My husband and I have truly enjoyed traveling with the team to tournaments. If anyone is thinking of taking their son's baseball to the next level I highly recommend the NJ Marlins!
A big Thank You to Ed Graziano for all he did for Andrew and our family, we appreciate it!  

Frank & Lori DiPiazza parents of Andrew DiPiazza…

Fantastic Experience. Coaches Truly Care.

I would just like to thank Ed Graziano for a fantastic experience for our son.  Coach Graziano has given Michael every opportunity to be seen and talked to coaches on behalf of my son.  When Michael joined the NJ Marlins we did not know what to expect and I had no clue how to deal with any college recruiting.  Without Ed I would have never gotten through the entire college experience, he answered every question I had, spoke to Michael and gave him the best advice anyone can give him… Coach told him, “You have to pick a school you want to live at for four years. Not just to play baseball but love where you are”.  This shows that he is not just a Coach looking out for his business but TRULY CARES about the kids and their happiness.  Thank you, Ed from the bottom of my heart you truly are a wonderful person, not just a Coach.  

Jen Macchia mother of Mike Macchia…Class of 2016Montclair State Red Hawks

Solid Elite Baseball Program.

Thank you for taking an interest in my son and the rest of the boys in your program.  Ed, you run a solid elite baseball program which allows our boys to be showcased throughout the country in front of numerous scouts and college coaches.  Looking forward to the 2012 tournaments.  GO MARLINS!!!  

Gerry Rodriguez

Wonderful Experience.  Great Exposure.

I just wanted to thank Coach Graziano and his staff for a wonderful summer baseball experience!!  My son was put in a position to be seen by numerous college and professional scouts. The exposure to high-level competition and the guidance that is provided by the staff is unmatched!!  I would recommend his program to anyone who is looking to play baseball at a higher level. Good Luck Coach Ed!!! Thanks Again – 

Dan McCoy father of Mark McCoy…Class of 2016Wake Forest University Demon Deacons

High Profile Tournaments.

As a parent of a former player (Brendan Benecke), I can say that Coach Ed and the NJ Marlins have been a great organization to play with for him. Coach Ed has given Brendan the opportunity to play in many high profile tournaments and showcases along the East coast and has helped us in the recruitment process. Although Brendan is only a sophomore, he has generated some interest with Coach Eds help. Coach Ed will go out of his way and do all he can to help each player get to the level they want to play at after their high school career is done. Brendan loves playing for Coach “Eddie G.” and has made many friends that will last beyond HS baseball while playing for the Marlins.  Thanks Coach Ed for all you do!  

Jody Benecke mother of Brendan Benecke…Class of 2017…Wagner College Seahawks

About so much more than baseball.

The NJ Marlins and Coach Ed Graziano far exceeded my expectations. The best way that I can describe joining the NJ Marlins is that it became about so much more than baseball. It was about a mom letting go and trusting in her son and his coach. A coach who not only built up my son's pitching skills but also his self-confidence both on and off the mound.   Thank you, coach Ed for your knowledge, encouragement, and recognition. It means more than you will ever know.  

Gail Howell mother of Aaron Howell…Class of 2016…Fairfield University Stags

Coaches take Pride in what they do.

I would like to thank the NJ Marlins and Ed Graziano. The Marlins have been both a personal and professional experience for my son as well as our family. I found coach Graziano more than just a coach. He and his coaches care about the young men, they take pride in what they do and that is hard to find today. When I first heard about the Marlins, I wasn’t sure what to do. I am so glad we made the right decision for my son to play with the NJ Marlins. Coach Graziano gave my son every opportunity for him to showcase himself. Everywhere the Marlins went there were college recruiters and scouts at the games. If you are looking for your son to play the next level of baseball, I highly recommend the NJ Marlins. Thanks for all you have done!  

Mike Macchia Sr father of Mike Macchia…Class of 2016…Montclair State Red Hawk

Highlight of the Summer.

Playing for the NJ Marlins was the highlight of my summer. Traveling to North Carolina and Georgia was so much fun. I was new to the team this season and I was welcomed from the start. Coach Ed gives all his players the best exposure in showcases and tournaments. If you are interested in playing baseball after High School this is the team to be on. I know for a fact that I would not be in the fortunate position that I am today if it were not for the N.J. Marlins and Coach Ed. Thanks for everything!

Aaron Howell…Class of 2016…Fairfield University Stags

Awesome Experience.

Playing for the NJ Marlins was an awesome experience. Playing in Arizona with the Marlins was Fantastic, it was a great week and we took 3rd place in the whole tournament!  Most definitely one of the best tournaments I have ever played in. 

Bryan Soloman

Great Players. Great Families. Great Exposure.

When you approached me at the Northeast Showcase and asked if I wanted to play for the NJ Marlins my first reaction was 'let me ask my dad because I’m committed to another team'.  I heard about the program and I gave it a shot.  I am very glad I did because doing it for the kids was your primary goal for exposure.  It was not expensive according to what my parents paid to others.  You exposed us to tournaments and scouts that were at the same venues as other teams I played for.  Our team that you took to Arizona came in third, and if we had a little more pitching we would’ve won the championship.  Most importantly I met more friends who I talked to daily.  Great players, great families are what we should always look for with great chemistry.  You did a great job building a program that would make New Jersey proud, and compete against the best competition in the United States.  I’ve learned from some of the coaches and had a lot of fun.  As a graduating senior of 2010, I want to thank you for letting me be a part of the NJ Marlins organization. 

Brandon Vega

Unparallelled Experience.

My son has traveled with and played for Coach Graz and the NJ Marlins for the past 2 summer and fall seasons both in local leagues and big time tournaments. He had an unparalleled experience and tremendous exposure.  The seasoning a ball player can get from the NJ Marlins is invaluable for anyone seeking to play past high school. 

Jennifer Whaley

Most Rewarding Time of my Life.

My time playing for the NJ Marlins has been and continues to be one of the best and most rewarding times of my life.  The entire Marlins staff provides a one of a kind environment for the players to hone their skills and also make lasting friendships with other players.  My Marlins career began in the winter of 2009 when our 17u team began to meet for winter workouts, from the outset this organization was very different compared to the other teams I’ve played for.  Everything is about the players and what is in their best interest, as players and young men.  It starts with Ed Graziano the man in charge, this guy does EVERYTHING for his players, he treats each of his players as if they were his own son.  Time in and time out Coach Ed is the guy his players talk to if something is on their mind whether the matter was on the field or off, to this day if I have something on my mind I know without a doubt I can turn to Coach Ed.  When it comes to baseball the NJ Marlins will put you on a stage to showcase yourself for the best colleges in the country and to play the best competition there is to play against.  The summer of ’09 only proves my point, our season began in June when we traveled to Diamon Nation for the Super 17 Invitational to July in Marietta, Ga. playing in the 17u WWBA Championships where we beat the 5th team in the country at the time and 18u WWBA champs the East Cobb Braves.  After Georgia, we picked up playing season games in New Jersey getting ready for the end of our tournament slate in Long Island and the WWBA Championships held in Arizona in which our team took 3rd.  I recommend any ball player who wants to grow as a player and person while being put in front of the scouts to look into joining the NJ Marlin family, I promise it will be one of the best decisions you can make, it was for me!

Rich Gabriel…Class of 2014…Monmouth University

Professional.  Dedicated to Every Player.

Since joining the NJ Marlins 18 months ago, Ed Graziano, The Coaching Staff, and The NJ Marlins Baseball Organization impressed us with their professional manner displayed in the overall dedication devoted to each and every individual player. A team and its coaches cannot be any fairer to their players and families as Ed and the NJ Marlins are by providing all that is offered and more. We asked ourselves, do we want the utmost attention given to OUR SON by his coaches or are we concerned with the success of a youth sports organization by the TEAM championship trophies it has? The individual attention given to our son is what we were looking for and found with the NJ Marlins Coaching Staff. They are not only there for Thomas on the field, they are always there as coaches assisting him with any off-field needs if they arise whether it be athletic, academic, or personal. My son’s love for the game of baseball has him aspiring to play at the high school, collegiate, and professional level. We all have goals and some may call them dreams but, the only way we can provide our son with the opportunity to achieve his goals, is to make sure we do our part as parents by assuring he receives the necessary training and personal guidance by continuing to be a part of the NJ Marlins Baseball Organization.  Thank you, Ed and The Entire NJ Marlins Coaching Staff for all that you do!”  

Tom and Donna Scanlon

Fairest Coaches.

The fall of 2011 started my 4th year playing for Coach Graziano and the NJ Marlins. It has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Playing in various tournaments throughout the country, in front of dozens of college coaches and scouts, was an experience I will never forget. Coach Graziano has given me every pitching opportunity to showcase myself and is the fairest coach that I have played for. Even as a 14-year-old in 2008, playing with the 17U team, Coach Graziano, and his staff, gave me the confidence to compete at a higher level. His, and the staff’s instruction has enabled me to be the pitcher I am today, having total confidence on the hill and not being afraid to pitch against any person or team. Also, my brother, Chris, has played for Coach Graziano in the Bridge League and the College Wood Bat League. He genuinely enjoyed playing for Coach Graziano and the NJ Marlins Teams for those years. In conclusion, I would like to thank Coach Graziano, and his staff, for making the last 4 years a most memorable and pleasurable baseball experience. Thank you!

 Mike Ammerman Jr…Kean University Cougars…Class of 2016

D1 Dream Became a Reality.

Our son Paul’s dream of pitching at a D1 school became a reality thanks to the NJ Marlins.  Joining the Marlins and playing for Coach Ed Graziano and his staff was the best decision we made.  Coach Graziano was always so supportive of Paul and pitched him when “coaches” from various Colleges and Universities were at the games.  Paul had so much exposure which led to D1 offers.  Thanks to Ed and his coaches, it was a process made fun and easy.    They truly show that they have the players’ best interest at heart.  We cannot thank Ed and his staff enough!  

Tracey & Angelo Balestrieri parents of Paul Balestrieri…Class of2017…Cornell University Big Red

Speechless. Dream Come True.

Dear Mr. Graziano, I want to thank you and the NJ Marlins from the bottom of my heart for making St. Peter’s University connect with Matthew. You have made my dream come true and rendered me speechless at the same time. God bless you and your family.  

Lillian Gonzalez… Proudly, elated Mom of Matthew TiradoClass of 2018St Peter’s University Peacocks

Excellent National Exposure.  Tremendous Schedule.

Thank you for an amazing season, the NJ Marlins provided excellent exposure both regionally and nationally with a tremendous schedule.  Between the highly talented players and experienced coaching, it was a great baseball experience all around.  My only regret is that my son wasn’t a Marlin much earlier in the process.  

Jennifer Hopkins mother of Ricky Hopkins…Class of 2017…Dickinson College Red Devils

Best Baseball Program.

Great Opportunities for D1 and Pro Exposure.

Just have to reaffirm our families belief that the NJ Marlins is the best travel team you could ask for your son to be on. One thing that sets them apart from the others is Ed Graziano’s expertise and commitment to making his players achieve their goals to play ball at the level they deserve. Can’t say enough about Ed and his dedication to his players. My son Andrew has had a truly awesome Junior High School season, with many honors given to him. Ed and the whole NJ Marlins staff all had a big part in making this happen for him. They saw his talent as a pitcher and strived to make him the absolute best he could be. They showcased him at events that gave him great opportunities for Division 1 and professional exposure. His knowledge of the whole recruiting process makes it an easy one. When Andrew joined the Marlins it was one of the best decisions he ever made to achieve his goals. 

Lori & Frank DiPiazza…Parents of Andrew DiPiazza…Class of 2018…University of Alabama Crimson Tide…Roll Tide

Maximum Exposure. Best Events in the Country. Achieve the D1 Dream.

We were very happy that Adam spent his junior summer playing on the NJ Marlins Showcase team. The Marlins provided a highly competitive team and maximum exposure to college coaches at some of the best events in the country. Most importantly, Coach Ed and his staff kept the boys loose and relaxed so they could perform at their best and also have fun.  Ed was always there to help his families and players. Adam achieved his dream of playing D1 baseball and we will always be grateful for all of Ed’s support. We highly recommend the Marlins if you want a caring, professional coach and organization that will help your son make it to the next level!  

Alicia and Dave Ashenfarb…parents of Adam Ashenfarb…Class of 2017…Lafayette College Leopards

Guidance to Successfully Navigate the Recruiting Process.

Our son Ben played for the NJ Marlins during the summer of 2013. Throughout the summer Ben had the chance to play in a number of showcases and tournaments that afforded him the opportunity to be seen by a large number of college scouts. For our son it was very important to select a school that offered the right combination of both academics and baseball. Ed and his staff provided us with guidance to successfully navigate the recruiting process. Thank you Ed and the Marlins for giving Ben the confidence to succeed.”  

Laura Gross…Mother of Ben GrossPrinceton University TigersClass of 2018

Promises Delivered.

I want to thank you and the NJ Marlins for everything you have done for our son Nick. We only got to spend one season with the NJ Marlins, but I am glad that we entrusted our son’s most important season to you and the NJ Marlins. Simply stated, you delivered what you promised, organization, coaching, follow-up with college coaches and a highly competitive team that provided our son with the opportunity to be seen at some of the best events locally and around the country. On top of all of that, our son loved playing for you guys.  

Scott and Laura Ciocco…Parents of Nicholas CioccoSt Peter’s University Peacocks…Class of 2018

Truly a Class Organization.

I must say the New Jersey Marlins are truly a class organization, it is a reflection of the man running the show Ed Graziano. It is seldom that you find a person like Ed, he truly cares about the development of the player. I think if you can find an Elite Travel Baseball Team like the New Jersey Marlins, managed by a guy who is going to give you everything he has to help your son you are very lucky. Ed Graziano was that guy for our son, he was very honest with his assessment, development needs and strengths. Our son wanted to play for the Marlins even though it meant him traveling from the Indiana to the East Coast to play, he learned a great deal about baseball and was able to play with and against some of the best competition in the country. We have been involved with other organizations and after the experience our son had with the Marlins, he would play for no other. Nick decided to play college football, but to Ed’s credit, Nick became a much better baseball player who will have the chance to play baseball in the future if he decides to. Ed, Lisa and I can’t thank you enough and Nick will keep in touch with you, I’m sure. All the best!

Bill & Lisa Goldsmith parents of Nick GoldsmithU of Pittsburgh PanthersClass of 2018

Organized. Well Coached. Unbelievable Exposure.

Thanks for having Chris play on the Marlins this year. I can honestly say that of all the teams Chris has played for… the Marlins top the list. Everything you said…. you did. Very organized and well coached. The exposure you attract is unbelievable. Every game we went to was highly scouted because of the team you developed. Chris really enjoyed playing for you and has made many new friends and teammates. Even though Chris has committed to Virginia Tech (class of 2018) we still look forward to playing with you in the future, Thanks again for all that you have done. 

The Monaco’s parents of Chris Monaco…Class of 2018…Virginia Tech Hokies

Engaged Leadership. Competitive High-Quality Team. Best Showcases.

If you feel your child is an exceptional high school baseball player who can compete at a college level then the New Jersey Marlin’s is the place for you. I say this because the Marlin’s, under Ed Graziano’s leadership, first put together a very competitive and high-quality team. A team who is constantly engaged in improving on their skills and game results each and every day they hit the field. Secondly, Coach Graziano allows this high-quality team to compete in some of the best showcases in the country, from Georgia to North and South Carolina, to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This combination of strong talent and instruction, along with exceptional exposure, provides a great opportunity for a player to show what they can do. Our son benefited from this opportunity and experience by having over 40 colleges reach out to him, requesting he join their various programs, along with 6 scholarship offers from some very prominent Division 1 programs. In the end, we are very happy he passed up on all these scholarships and very proud that has committed to play Ivy League baseball for the University of Pennsylvania. Thank you, Coach Ed Graziano, Coach Tom Graziano, and your entire team of coaches for helping make this happen. We could not be happier with the final outcome of this entire Marlin’s process. 

Arjay and Susan Pedalino…Parents of Nick PedalinoClass of 2017…U of Pennsylvania Quakers

Awesome Schedule.

Many thanks to Coach Ed Graziano and the entire NJ Marlins organization. My son Anthony has played for other elite programs but his experience with the Marlins far exceeded them all. Ed put an awesome schedule together which included tournaments and showcases. This exposed the team to numerous colleges from all over the country. This process was instrumental in allowing Anthony to commit to The Catholic University of America. Our goal was to have him attend a quality university, get a good education and continue his baseball career. Playing for the Marlins allowed us to attain our goal. If you are looking for a first-class organization with no BS that is run by a man who keeps his word, the NJ Marlins are for you. 

Pete Ferlise ...father of Anthony FerliseThe Catholic University of America..Class of 2018.

Home Run.

Mike’s decision to play for the NJ Marlins was a proverbial “Home Run”. He had a great experience playing with such a high-quality team. Your organization is truly professional, and you should be commended along with your staff, for your hard work and dedication, doing everything in the best interest of the players to allow them to showcase their talents in front of college coaches and scouts. The team played a schedule that allowed Mike and his teammates the exposure to be seen by many high-quality schools while facing serious competition from all over the country. I would highly recommend the NJ Marlins to any ballplayer looking to take their game to the next level.  

Carol and Mike Fair…Parents of Mike FairCollege of Charleston Cougars…Class of 2018

Actively Recruited.

If you feel your child is a developing baseball pitcher or position player who dreams about competing at the high school or any collegiate level, then Coach Ed Graziano’s NJ Marlin’s is the program for you. Coach Graziano and his staff were instrumental in preparing Matt to play in college. We truly believe this because through Ed’s guidance, experience & instruction, Matt was actively recruited by more than 25 Division 1 baseball programs. Coach Graziano put together a very competitive & quality team…that played in the best tournaments in the country. Matt received multiple scholarship offers to choose from and we are very proud that Matt has committed to play for the Temple Owls. The Owls recently joined the new American Athletic Conference, which includes several prominent baseball programs such as Tulane, Central Florida, South Florida, East Carolina and Houston to name a few. The Owls will play their home games in a major league setting at Rivershark Stadium. Matt may never play at the big league level, but he certainly will get the opportunity to be seen by MLB scouts. We highly recommend the NJ Marlins, if you want a caring, committed and professional coach that will help your son make it to the next level! To Ed, Tom and the Marlin’s staff, sincere thanks for all your hard work, dedication and effort. 

Peter & Nancy Tepedino…Proud parents of Matt Tepedino…Temple University Owls…Class of 2018

Great College Prep Experience.

Our son Corey played for Ed Graziano and the NJ Marlins for the past 2 years. After having tried a couple of different competitive baseball organizations we finally found one that could provide a great college prep experience. The summer and fall of 2013 were the best baseball experience Corey has ever had. Not only did we play at a very high level but also with other great players. The atmosphere amongst the team was always positive. The travel tournaments we attended were highly competitive as were the Marlins. Ed doesn’t overload his teams with position players that are sharing innings and at-bats tournament after tournament. He isn’t calling in guest players every weekend. He commits to the players he has chosen for the team. We had the chance to play in front of dozens of college coaches every tournament we attended. What a great experience! If you are serious about playing baseball beyond high school, you need to try and get into this organization. 

Ken Martin… father of Corey Martin….Montclair State UniversityClass of 2018

Players Goals Above Everything Else.

In an industry full of questionable characters, Ed Graziano has taken the high road and always puts the interest of his players and their goals above everything else. Our son Matt played with the NJ Marlins for the past two years and truly enjoyed every minute of his experience. It provided him with the opportunity to play on high-quality teams against great competition from around the country. The organization is professional and positions its players to gain the greatest exposure to college recruiters. Most importantly, Ed understands the importance of education and how to use the athletic recruiting process for the players' benefit. Ed consistently counsels his players to consider how a potential college without athletics fits into their overall education plans. Is this a college you would attend and be happy without athletics? We highly recommend the NJ Marlins to anyone looking for a quality organization. 

George and Sherri Guarino… Parents of Matt GuarinoClass of 2018…Widener University.

Great Experience.

First, I’d like to thank you for the summer season. it was a great experience and we’re grateful that you gave Dylan the opportunity to play for you and the team. Again thank you very much for everything. If at any time you need a reference for the Marlin’s program, please feel free to call on me.  

Larry Connors…Parent of Dylan ConnorsClass of 2020Army Cadets

Best Decision. Coaches Truly Care.

We honestly believe when Brennan chose to play for the NJ Marlins that it was the best decision he could have made. Brennan played for the NJ Marlins for two years and we could not have been happier with our experience. Ed and his staff take the time with each player to get to know their strengths and how to best showcase their skills. Ed makes every effort possible to enable his players to get to the next level and he truly cares about each and every one of them. Further, he was always very sensitive and accommodating to our family’s needs. Ed makes certain that his players have the opportunity to participate in the highest level tournaments/showcases in the country. He has built an amazing reputation for fielding high-level talent and the Marlin games are always well attended by college scouts. We will always have very fond memories of our times with the NJ Marlins. Brennan will go on to play at Felician College. We will always be grateful to Ed and the NJ Marlins staff for their role in helping Brennan’s dream to play college baseball become a reality. 

Ray and Kathy Price…Parents of Brennan “Bubba” Price…Felician Golden Falcons…Class of 2017.

D1 Dream Realized.

There is no doubt in my mind that the exposure he had playing with the NJ Marlins was a big factor in Michael being able to realize his dream of playing division 1 ball. I wanted to thank you and your brother for giving Michael the opportunity. He loved playing for you guys and enjoyed the team. 

Mike Milo…Parent of Michael MiloClass of 2018University of Albany Great Danes

Multi-Faceted Approach. Extensive Network.

Ed Graziano and the NJ Marlins program was instrumental in preparing Paul for playing at the college level. Ed and his coaching staff have a multi-faceted approach to preparing their players. Coaching their players, informing parents on “what comes next”, and their extensive networking contacts all play a huge role in this journey. Ed and his staff care about each player, and getting them into a good college baseball program is their main goal. Our son got the exposure he needed and has committed to play baseball at St. Peter’s University. We could not be happier! Thanks Ed for all you have done to help Paul achieve his dream of playing college baseball.

The Schifilliti Family…Parents of Paul SchifillitiClass of 2017...St Peters University Peacocks

Serious, Well-Run Organization.

It took one tryout to know the NJ Marlins was a serious, well-run organization. Ed Graziano and the rest of the staff treated each player as an individual while showing their expertise for coaching the game. Michael knew he wanted to play on this team because of this staff and the quality of players it attracted. What impressed me was the way Ed explained what to expect. He promised to get Michael in front of college scouts, at the best events, and use his extensive network of contacts to help Michael reach his dream of playing baseball at a good college.  Thank you, Ed and all the Marlins’ coaches for your commitment to the game and these boys.  

Mario and Lisa Miraglia parents of Mike Miraglia…Class of 2017…Drew University Rangers

Very Good Exposure.

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did for Michael this past summer. You put him in front of some very good schools and he, of course, had to perform and make the best of his opportunity. Again people sometimes just want to bitch and don’t take the time to reach out and say thanks. Sorry, it took so long. I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU.  

Rick Elfreth…Parent of Mike ElfrethClass of 2017Widener University 

Masterful Coaching.

Our son Matt knew that he wanted to play college baseball since the 7th grade. Matt joined the NJ Marlins in his junior year in HS in hopes of showcasing his skills for  D-1 schools.  Coach Graziano did an incredible job of placing Matt in the right place at the right time by entering tournaments where Matt could showcase his abilities and by putting Matt in game situations in the field and at bat where Matt’s talents and skills could be noticed.  Even more importantly, Ed was masterful at keeping Matt’s spirits and confidence high during the sometimes difficult recruiting process.  We are immensely grateful to Ed and his coaching staff for helping Matt make his dream come true.   Jim and Deb McCann parents of Matt McCann…Class of 2017…Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights.